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Most people only organise 2 funerals in their lifetimes and can find the experience bewildering. The feedback that you offer can help others to make important decisions with more confidence.

To review a funeral director's service we ask that you have been involved in the organisation of the funeral. The funeral should have taken place in the last 3 years, as funeral directors change hands so older reviews may be out of date.

We aim to work closely with funeral directors and will let them know about your review. If you have a complaint about a funeral director we recommend you investigate the Funeral Arbitration Scheme in addition to submitting a review on this site.

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Review of Final Journey

Rated as "Very satisfied" by Wayne1 on Friday 02 February 2018

"Perfect service provided"

I was recommended to call Tracey by my wife, to deal with my mothers passing due to her being told good things of the company and I wasn’t disappointed. Tracey is a lovely woman and extremely professional. 

I have been to, and been a part of a number of funerals and I enjoyed the refreshing ‘non gloomy’ approach of the company. I can’t speak highly enough of Tracey who obviously takes great pride in the service she provides. 


I had a few quotes and final journey are by far the best value for money, where you get the best possible service at the best price. Even though it’s not nice to discuss money and quotes at this difficult time for anyone dealing with a funeral to organise,this is a matter of fact.


If you live in and around the Carlisle area and find yourself needing this service do not look any further.


Review of Woodland Wishes

Rated as "Very satisfied" by Burgessl on Tuesday 30 January 2018

"A very personal funeral"

Tracey was extremely professional yet very kind & caring. She listened to what we wanted to do & was very happy to make my fathers funeral very personal to him & indeed what he wanted. Tracey made the official side easy to understand. My father came home the night before his funeral & we took him to his celebration service in his own car. The cardboard coffin was just perfect what he wanted. It changed a lot of people's opinions on an alternative funeral. i would highly recommend Tracey & Woodland Wishes. You can think outside the 'box' & do what you really want. Our funeral was Jan 2018.


Review of Kenworthy's

Rated as "Very dissatisfied" by KeithSales on Sunday 14 January 2018

"They can't be bothered"

Kenworthy's caused me considerable work when I used them for my late wife's funeral. Everything needed, except the actual funeral day, had to be asked for several times, ranging up to the delivery of my wife's ashes to me, which took several requests, and even initially quoting the wrong date for the funeral.

I still haven't got a receipted Invoice, despite the bill having been paid the day it was received on 24th November 2017- even though they had missed off £480 disbursements for flowers, which I added to the account and paid the same day.

Today is the 14th January 2018 and my letter of 10th December 2017, asking, again, for the receipted account, is still not replied to - IGNORED in fact.  I've just typed a reminder and tried to deliver it by hand - THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE A LETTERBOX, so it's another trip tomorrow when hopefully they will be open.

Kenworthy's have been my family\'s undertakers since as far back as 1942 when they 'buried' my Grandfather. They 'buried' my Grandmother, my Father and my Mother, and 'cremated' my grandson in 1990 and again in 1999 (remember Alder Hey hospital). They certainly won't 'cremate' me!

I\'ve headed this review "Can\'t be bothered\" - perhaps I should have added "They have my money".  And yes, I'm aware that they have had illness amongst the workforce - but that doesn't shut a company down - does it?' 


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