Basic Funeral Option

The total cost of the basic funeral option from Heaven on Earth is £999

Please note:

A funeral can be either a burial or a cremation. The price of Heaven on Earth's basic funeral option does not include cemetery or crematoria fees, also known as 'disbursements', which vary widely across the country.

If you're having a burial you can expect cemetery and grave preparation fees to be between £500 and £20,000.

If you're having a cremation you can expect crematoria fees to be between £500 and £800. Two doctors' signatures are required for cremations (unless the coroner is involved) and these cost £152.

These costs will be in addition to the basic funeral cost quoted above.

Heaven on Earth says about their basic funeral option:

Any extras can be added such as dressing the deceased in their own clothes, coming to see or sit with the body at our Mortuary.

We recommend this type of funeral for people who do not want to attend a cramped service at the Crematorium and who are able to have a Memorial Ceremony later, with or without the deceased's ashes.

The above cost does not include the cremation fee £584 at time of writing, or the purchase of a grave or interment for burial as there as so many variations, although our local woodland burial site costs £781 which includes the purchase of the grave and an indigenous tree planted on the head end.

We asked Heaven on Earth 'What makes your basic funeral option special':

We are the only members of The Association of Green Funeral Directors in Bristol at this time which means we abide by the code of practice of this Association.  See website.

We encourage family participation: dressing the deceased;bearing the coffin; driving the coffin to the cremation or burial etc. We offer choice and are always open to suggestion.

This basic funeral includes:

This funeral includes all costs for Heaven on Earth's professional services, advice and help (including help to find someone to perform the ceremony if required).

Heaven on Earth says: "The above cost includes everything you need for a simple but dignified funeral including a basic unvarnished 'oak' coffin and a silver Mercedes Estate car instead of a hearse. Anything you require extra to our basic charge is available, please enquire."

All costs for appropriate care of the body of the person who had died.

Heaven on Earth says: "We do not recommend embalming unless essential (body going abroad) but we wash the hair and make the deceased look as lovely as possible, but without makeup etc."

The provision of a coffin for the person who has died.

Heaven on Earth says: "Basic unvarnished "oak" veneered coffin - from sustainable sources. Other coffins - cardboard, willow, bamboo, seagrass etc available at extra cost."

Collection of the body of the person who has died and transport of the body to the place of burial or cremation.

Heaven on Earth says: "We use a silver Mercedes Estate car for taking the body to the crematorium or burial ground within a 15 mile radius. A hearse if required may be used at extra cost."

The cost of co-ordinating the funeral on the day (not including performing the ceremony).

Heaven on Earth says: "Our basic price does not include coffin bearers as we encourage family and friends to participate."

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