Basic Funeral Option

The total cost of the basic funeral option from Button & Family Funeral Services is £1095

Please note:

A funeral can be either a burial or a cremation. The price of Button & Family Funeral Services's basic funeral option does not include cemetery or crematoria fees, also known as 'disbursements', which vary widely across the country.

If you're having a burial you can expect cemetery and grave preparation fees to be between £500 and £20,000.

If you're having a cremation you can expect crematoria fees to be between £500 and £800. Two doctors' signatures are required for cremations (unless the coroner is involved) and these cost £152.

These costs will be in addition to the basic funeral cost quoted above.

We asked Button & Family Funeral Services 'What makes your basic funeral option special':

We do not offer a production line service and try to make you have what we want. We encourage people to be individual. And whatever your purse as a family we treat everyone with care, dignity and respect - as a Button. Our fee also includes a Conductor

This basic funeral includes:

This funeral includes all costs for Button & Family Funeral Services's professional services, advice and help (including help to find someone to perform the ceremony if required).

Button & Family Funeral Services says: "Includes all you need for a very caring, individual funeral for your loved one, but can be adapted to include more services or less services depending on your requirement. "

All costs for appropriate care of the body of the person who had died.

Button & Family Funeral Services says: "Everyone that we are entrusted to serve is treated like a Button. They all become members of our extended family. Our ethos is - Everyone receives the care we would expect for our family. We only embalm on request not as a matter of course."

The provision of a coffin for the person who has died.

Button & Family Funeral Services says: "A Light Oak Veneer coffin with matching mouldings, 4 bar handles, 4 wreath holders, engraved nameplate and fully lined with a taffeta sheet and ruffle, we also include a pillow."

Collection of the body of the person who has died and transport of the body to the place of burial or cremation.

Button & Family Funeral Services says: "We NEVER use a van, instead our removal vehicle is a people carrier - Our guests are not separated from us by ply wood etc instead they travel with us in order that we can ensure their safety. "

The cost of co-ordinating the funeral on the day (not including performing the ceremony).

Button & Family Funeral Services says: "Our Motor Hearse is a Black Daimler DS420 and commands respect on the road. Your could also provide your own vehicle if you so wish. Our fee also includes a Conductor."

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