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Read reviews of Ivor Thomas Funerals.

Reviews of Ivor Thomas Funerals

"Dignified, Hassle-free low-cost funeral and cremation service."

Reviewed by radoslaw on Sunday 14 April 2019

Overall rating: star star star star star

Value for money rating: star star star star star

Helpfulness rating: star star star star star

I had never been to a funeral before and at the thought of organising a funeral I was stressed and anxious. I didn't even know where to start. As a first obvious step I had to find a funeral director.
I spoke to many funeral directors, but after speaking to Mark I knew he was the right man to arrange my uncle's last journey. He was professional, approachable, compassionate, patient and caring. He guided us and showed us the different options, explaining to us the whole process. He helped us with all the funeral arrangements and even dealt with Social Fund Office on our behalf.
The service was outstanding from start to finish, I can’t imagine that it could have gone better. From the beginning, I had had an impression that Mark was a family friend helping us rather than doing a business.
I would recommend using Ivor Thomas Funerals if you want a relaxed, dignified and personable funeral for your loved ones.

radoslaw would recommend Ivor Thomas Funerals to friends.

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