At Funeral Advisor we aim to make funeral pricing clearer for the consumer. As such we have asked funeral directors to list the cost of their 'basic funeral'.

So far 28 funeral directors given us details of their 'basic funeral' options. Based on the information we've collected so far:

  • The average funeral cost is £1480
  • The least expensive funeral is £945
  • The most expensive funeral is £1950

To see more information about these funeral directors click here.

A funeral can be either a burial or a cremation. The prices above do not include cemetery or crematoria fees, also known as 'disbursements', which vary widely across the country.

If you're having a burial you can expect cemetery and grave preparation fees to be between £500 and £20,000.

If you're having a cremation you can expect crematoria fees to be between £500 and £800. Two doctors' signatures are required for cremations (unless the coroner is involved) and these cost £152.

These costs will be in addition to the basic funeral costs listed above.

A basic funeral has been defined as including:

All costs for professional services, advice and help (including help to find someone to perform the ceremony if required).

All costs for appropriate care of the body of the person who had died.

The provision of a coffin for the person who has died.

Collection of the body of the person who has died and transport of the body to the place of burial or cremation.

The cost of co-ordinating the funeral on the day (not including performing the ceremony).

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