We very much encourage people to feed back on their experience of funeral directors.

Most people only organise 2 funerals in their lifetimes and can find the experience bewildering. The feedback that you offer can help others to make important decisions with more confidence.

To review a funeral director's service we ask that you have been involved in the organisation of the funeral. The funeral should have taken place in the last 3 years, as funeral directors change hands so older reviews may be out of date.

We aim to work closely with funeral directors and will let them know about your review. If you have a complaint about a funeral director we recommend you investigate the Funeral Arbitration Scheme in addition to submitting a review on this site.

To review a funeral director please use the search form on the right of this page to identify them. Please then click on the 'review' button on the funeral director's page. If you have any questions please do contact us.

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Most recent reviews

Review of Arthur C. Towner Ltd

Rated as "Very satisfied" by Lucywalter4061 on Saturday 27 April 2019


I have never organised a funeral before and was really worried about it. Towners made it as straightforward as it could possibly have been, doing a huge amount of organising behind the scenes. I was impressed from the beginning by how organised they were. They were compassionate and respectful and listened to what we wanted. They also didn’t try to sell us anything that we didn’t want, which I’ve heard can sometimes happen when organising a funeral. The funeral was exactly what we had in mind right down to the last detail.


Review of Ivor Thomas Funerals

Rated as "Very satisfied" by radoslaw on Sunday 14 April 2019

"Dignified, Hassle-free low-cost funeral and cremation service."

I had never been to a funeral before and at the thought of organising a funeral I was stressed and anxious. I didn't even know where to start. As a first obvious step I had to find a funeral director.
I spoke to many funeral directors, but after speaking to Mark I knew he was the right man to arrange my uncle's last journey. He was professional, approachable, compassionate, patient and caring. He guided us and showed us the different options, explaining to us the whole process. He helped us with all the funeral arrangements and even dealt with Social Fund Office on our behalf.
The service was outstanding from start to finish, I can’t imagine that it could have gone better. From the beginning, I had had an impression that Mark was a family friend helping us rather than doing a business.
I would recommend using Ivor Thomas Funerals if you want a relaxed, dignified and personable funeral for your loved ones.


Review of Final Journey

Rated as "Very satisfied" by Wblacklock on Sunday 10 March 2019

"Relaxed and caring"


From the beginning of the Journey I felt overwhelmed with what was needed to orangise a funeral, I didn’t know where to start. 

A family member gave me advice and recommended Tracy to me, from getting in contact with Tracy everything fell into place and I felt relived I had someone so professional and passionate to help organise her final wishes. 

What I really liked about Tracy was on arrival she greeted our loved one and turned and asked how we were doing, this filled us with comfort, knowing her final journey is going to be relaxed and peaceful. 

I also liked that Tracy wasn't dressed in all black, even the vehicle to collect our loved one wasnt a traditional black car, the little touch of not wearing all black, was more relaxed and didn’t overwhelm us. 


I would highly recommend Final Journey to anybody who has lost a loved one as I believe it is the best decision we made to send her off with dignity.

Thanks again Tracy. 



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