To help you find the right funeral director, the Natural Death Centre have established a Recommended Funeral Director scheme.

All our recommended funeral directors have agreed to the following criteria:

  • To be flexible with the public and provide the service they request.
  • To state clearly what their services entail, including a clear breakdown of costs for each part.
  • To provide a very basic disposal service if requested.
  • To provide information regarding all disposal options to all clients.
  • To assist families who only want a part service, and not to make this difficult by offering 'packages only'.
  • To inform customers that they can send feedback about the services provided to The Natural Death Centre.
  • To explain that embalming is optional - and also explain what embalming entails.
  • To inform families that they may like to help with some aspects such as washing and dressing the person who has died, or carrying the coffin.
  • To state clearly if they are a member of a larger 'group'.
  • To inform families whether the person who has died is being kept at another facility.
  • To provide families with options for other types of celebrant beyond simply a minister or a humanist.
  • To meet and make arrangements at the family home at no extra charge.
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