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Reviews of Smith Yeatman Ltd

"My mother was buried with no dignity whatsoever!"

Reviewed by justice4annette on Tuesday 13 June 2017

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In short my mother was placed in the care of A Yeatman and Sons in December 2016 for a total of one month and 6 days. Arrangements were made in only a matter of days after she was collected, on the day of her death, from our home.

I requested that she would be embalmed at the earliest opportunity and paid in full before the funeral took place. 
When I was finally permitted to see my mother, less than a week before the funeral, she was totally emaciated. She had decayed, her facial features were lost. A process which continued up to the day before the funeral, when I last saw her with my Auntie who had travelled from abroad to bury her sister.  We were confronted by a smelling rotten corpse which was wrapped in cling film, we received no explanation, apology or warning at the very least!!
I have been fighting this for the last 6 months and the battle continues with excuse after excuse and constantly changing stories !
I do not wish for this to happen to my worst enemy.

justice4annette would not recommend Smith Yeatman Ltd to friends.

Response to "My mother was buried with no dignity whatsoever!" by Smith Yeatman Ltd : "Sincere apologies"

We are very sorry that there were delays that affected the family in this way, this was an isolated incident due to unforeseen circumstances.

A senior manager met with the family at the time and wrote in February to apologise reducing our charges to reflect the problems experienced.

We are now back in touch with the family in an effort to answer any remaining questions and once again offer our most sincere apologies.


Smith Yeatman Ltd is working with Funeral Advisor to provide you with a better service.

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